Premium dinnerware brand Fable makes artisan cutlery, crockery and glassware more affordable with its D2C approach.


brand facts

  • The brand is Canadian, founded by Joe Parenteau.
  • All of Fable's packaging is 100% recyclable and plastic-free, the dyes on boxes are non-petroleum, and they only use paper that comes from FSC-certified forests.
  • They work closely with partners at Mealshare. For every set of Fable dinnerware sold, a meal is directly donated to a youth in need.
  • Their ceramics are produced in a 100% zero-waste facility, crafted with non-toxic materials. 100% of water is recovered and treated for re-use, 100% of clay shavings and biscuit are reincorporated, 100% of broken glazed ceramics are recycled into concrete and during the day, their ceramics facility is 100% solar powered.

Brand categories

  • early-stage
  • home & leisure
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Our journey with Fable

True lead Fable's $2.7m seed round, with additional particpation from Canadian angels and investors. We believe the business can offer beautiful dinnerware more affordably due to its digitally-led business model, and that drove our investment, alongside its ethical credentials

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brand updates


Fable’s mission is simple: Bring joy to every table

Since Fable’s inception in 2019, they have been partnered with Mealshare, a local organization making it their mission to fight youth hunger through partnerships with restaurants and companies in the food sector.

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