Our purpose is to reimagine business

We're reshaping business as a force for positive change. We help companies to innovate what they do and how they do it, always reaching for a better way.

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Will and I are delighted to have found an investment partner that slots in so naturally to our company. The team at True seemed to get us and the Sneak brand straight away. They place people and culture at the top of the priority list, which was highly important to us and overall, they seem very different, and more human, to how we’d imagined private equity investors to be. We’re really excited to have True alongside us for this next phase of our journey.

Jonny Teeling, Co-founder, Sneak

The team at True were early believers in our vision and became our very first investors. They’ve supported us with funding, sound advice and introductions to major retail brands and to growing businesses such as Ribble from their portfolio.

Ger O’Meara, CEO, Spirable

We are the innovators of the investment industry.

We help businesses of all sizes become greater through investment, support and strategic innovation.

When we believe in a company there’s nothing we won’t do to ensure its success. That includes sharing our offices, our insight, our network, and our funds. We believe in joining companies together for collaboration, connecting our extraordinary network of companies to one another to share best practice and create new and unprecedented ideas.

We’re B Corp registered, which is hard to find in our line of work — and we’re driven by people first. Everything we do is about finding new ways to grow businesses, so they better serve the consumer and the world we all share.

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Our unique business model

Our three teams work with our vast network to build powerful connections between businesses. From early stage to multi-nationals, investors as well as industry and tech leaders. This model fosters collaboration, generates unique perspectives and creates new opportunities — which helps everyone involved.

What makes True different?

We have two funds, but investment is only part of what we do. We have a dedicated Innovation team who accelerate startups, grow businesses and help industry giants exceed their potential by identifying opportunities for companies great and small to connect. This creates a collaborative community that gives our members an edge over the competition.

  • Opportunities to make meaningful connections and collaborations.
  • Access to insight and expertise from across the industry.
  • A sector-specialist team with great strategic insight.
  • Part of a like-minded community with a supportive mindset.


Venture capital: initial investments up to £2m

We invest in digital-first breakout companies — from pre-seed to Series A level — that represent the future of consumer behaviour. Our early-stage VC fund focuses on Pre-Seed to Series A, investing up to £2m initially and reserving capital to re-invest in the most promising companies.

More info - True VC fund

Private equity investments up to £100m

We invest across the retail, consumer and technology ecosystem including B2C, B2B and B2B2C. But finance — from £10m to £100 million for both majority and minority stakes— is only one part of what we offer them.

More info - True PE fund

Innovation services

Our innovation team isn’t made up of traditional consultants. Our people go above and beyond for the businesses in our network — we’ll introduce you to emerging technologies, companies and leaders, give advice based on actual experience and provide a whole range of services that will open up new industry worlds.

Meet the changemakers

Our Live Network

Become part of our community of investors, advisors, non-exec directors, talent and start ups, and help shape the future of the industry. We have more than 8,000 companies sharing and collaborating through our platform — sharing solutions, ideas, technology, resources and creating new ways to grow their businesses. It’s a unique and special network that’s helped companies from across the sector innovate, together.

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True House

Although True House is where you’ll find our team, it’s much more than a workspace. We’ve created a meeting point for all of the businesses in our ecosystem, and provide a dynamic environment for the exchange of ideas and resources. We’re based in London Victoria, and open to those with an idea or a plan to bring to the table.

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True’s Founding Story

Matt and Paul had an ambition to reimagine the investment industry. They began their journey together as investors in alexandalexa.com over 15 years ago. In 2011, they successfully exited the business, paving the way for True to be established in 2013.

Today, True is the only consumer and retail investment and innovation firm in Europe that bridges the world’s biggest consumer brands with the most pioneering tech start-ups in the industry, from both its Venture Capital & Private Equity portfolio and its wider community.

This ‘live network’ and True’s unique business model feeds Matt and Paul’s passion — and their pursuit of a world in which what’s good for people and what’s good for profit leads us to make the same choices: To have built business the right way.

We’re a B Corp

We went beyond to make True B Corp compliant. We’ll make sure the visionary companies we work with — and everyone their work touches — will reap the benefits.

True House

The office, reimagined

Come and meet like-minded founders and businesses at True House, our dedicated space for breakthrough consumer brands, innovative scale-ups, retailers and leaders. With deskspace, meeting rooms, a podcast studio, a bar and wellness suite, we’re looking forward to welcoming you.