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Hello, we’re True. We’re reimagining business through innovation and investment.

We come with a new perspective and a pioneering spirit. We’re ambitious; our goals go beyond profit. This is the future of business and there's no turning back.

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A unique model for investing, innovating & growing

We work closely with our community of founders, entrepreneurs, leaders and experts from across the full consumer world, adding value to their businesses. We don’t just invest; we find imaginative ways to enable change. How? By setting up collaborations between the giants and innovators of the consumer and tech industry, supporting startups and creating knowledge sharing and innovation wherever there’s an opportunity.

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Our people are passionate about better business. We work toward one goal: unprecedented commercial success, built the right way.

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The culture and people are the best thing about True. I always think about how lucky I am to have been able to start my career at True with people who genuinely care about my personal and professional growth.

Qianhui Yang, Investment Analyst

I wanted to join True because it’s a different way of approaching the industry we’re in, and this coupled with the retail and consumer angle gave me real reason to be excited.

Cameron Kanda, Investment Analyst

I wanted to be a part of True because we’re building something in a company that shared similar ideals to myself. I was looking to find a common goal and I instantly knew from meeting Matt and Paul that I liked them, wanted to work with them and be on the True journey.

Serena McCutcheon, Head of People and Operations

A portfolio that excites us. Every day.

We work with companies and brands that inspire us, shape consumers' lives and create new opportunities the world over.

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The AI Revolution in Customer Contact

The customer contact landscape has undergone a substantial transformation. The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly in natural language processing (NLP) and generative AI, has reshaped the customer contact landscape in ways that seemed futuristic just one year ago. This prompted us to revisit and update our research, resulting in our new Customer Contact 3.0 report. 

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The Cotswold Company to open 10th UK store

Portfolio company, The Cotswold Company, the digitally-led premium handcrafted furniture and homeware brand, is pleased to announce plans to open its 10th UK store, located in Stamford, in September.

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The Cotswold Company Upgrades Showrooms with New Upholstery Hubs

In the year to date, the Group has recorded a 96% increase in revenue generated by upholstery, driven by its highly popular lines such as Talbot & Morris. Below TCC announce the roll-out of its innovative Upholstery Hubs -an in-showroom offer that provides customers with a one-stop-shop for all their upholstery needs.

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