Investment, reimagined

We have two funds - one private equity, one venture capital - dedicated to investing across the retail, consumer and technology ecosystem.

Private Equity Investments up to £100m

We invest across the retail, consumer and technology ecosystem including B2C, B2B and B2B2C. But investment is only one part of what we do for them. We nurture the businesses that we believe in, giving them everything from access to emerging technologies, to extraordinary collaboration opportunities from across our network to share best practice and create new ideas.

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Venture Capital Initial Investments up to £2m

We back mission-driven entrepreneurs building a better and more sustainable future at the forefront of consumer behavioural and technological change.

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Office Hours

We are passionate about increasing access for underrepresented founders. Our Office Hours program provides an opportunity for you to explore whether venture funding is right for your business - get transparent feedback on your pitch deck, business model, and funding readiness from our venture capital team.

If you feel you lack the connections and context needed to secure VC funding, our team is keen to lend their experience in the industry and hear your story. If you’re a founder from an underrepresented background who lacks existing connections, we want to help open that door.

True Investment stories


Ribble Collective: Ride More in ’24

The Ribble Collective continues into 2024 following a very successful first season, now with a wider reach including riders covering Road, Gravel & Triathlon disciplines.

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Interview: Jean-Michel Chalayer, founder of JENA

As part of the quick founder questions series – or QFQs – Maddyness spoke to Jean-Michel Chalayer, founder of Jena about recent investment, backing solopreneurs and the importance of flex culture!

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