Investment, reimagined

We have two primary funds dedicated to investing in innovators and those who are reimagining their industries.

Investments up to £100m

We invest in consumer businesses that will change the way people live. But finance — of up to £100 million, from our private equity fund — is only one part of what we do for them. We might take significant stakes in a business, but we also nurture the brands that we believe in, giving them everything from access to emerging technologies, to extraordinary collaboration opportunities from across our network. This unprecedented way of working builds unique partnerships and brilliant returns — and we believe it’s the future.

We’re incredibly proud to say we’ve raised three private equity funds in under ten years, including our most recent £275m fund in 2021 - investing and partnering with consumer brands with strong digital foundations - from beautiful furniture brands through to virtual cycling communities. Today we target investments of around £30m to £50m with the flexibility to invest up to £100m. We focus on profitable businesses that are at the forefront of shifting consumer behaviour and partner with founders and management teams who share our values to build business in the right way. If this sounds like you - or someone you know - then contact us below.

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Will and I are delighted to have found an investment partner that slots in so naturally to our company. The team at True seemed to get us and the Sneak brand straight away. They place people and culture at the top of the priority list, which was highly important to us and overall, they seem very different, and more human, to how we’d imagined private equity investors to be.

Sneak Co-founder Jonny Teeling

Our relationship with True has been invaluable, in many ways. Significantly, it was through talks with True’s corporate partner John Lewis & Partners that led us to signing our first enterprise account, and more have followed since. The team are always on hand to help, whether that’s through sharing insight on market trends and the retail and consumer industry landscape or supporting our fundraising efforts. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the True team and enjoy working with them so I’m delighted they remain stakeholders and genuine advocates of Unmind.

Dr Nick Taylor, CEO & Co-founder of Unmind

True are highly engaged. They get what we represent — our goals, values and desire to bring fitness into more people’s lives. They genuinely live and breathe our brand in the boardroom and outside. I definitely feel like they dedicate a lot of time to our business success, every day.

Eric Min, Co-founder & CEO Zwift

Investments up to £5m

We invest between £100k and £5m in digital-first, breakout brands that represent the future of consumer behaviour when they’re at pre-seed to Series A stage. We also invest in the retail and consumer technologies which will enable consumer progress — and disrupt the way business has been done to date. Beyond investment, we dedicate our time and resources to growing businesses and helping them innovate — sharing our insights and connecting them with other founders and business leaders from across our community.

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