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We’re always asking if there’s a better way — for businesses to grow, create change through technology, and achieve more meaningful success.

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Finding a better way.

Our dedicated innovation team relentlessly drives positive change. Through our unique business model and live network, we build and connect tomorrow’s brands — identifying opportunities for growth, change and real consumer progress. Our team’s expertise spans innovation and strategy consulting, design, business operations, investment, finance, marketing, branding and technological leaps that help businesses change exponentially.

We’ve already seen the benefits of working with True and the forward thinking businesses we’ve had access to, and now as a cornerstone investor we’re taking our strategy to the next level to work with and learn from some of the leading entrepreneurs and fast growth businesses in our sector as we focus on shaping the future of M&S.

Eoin Tonge, CFO, Marks & Spencer

True are immersed in our business. They’re likeable and approachable with a strong relationship focus.  We are a very people centred business and these guys won us over. They are smart, understand the industry very well and care strongly about what they are doing.

Matt Houston, Group Digital & Strategy Director, Primark

We have worked closely with True for several years. Their model, values and experience mean that their perspective on the industry and how innovation is driving change is unique; as such they have added value across many different areas of our business. Their collaborative approach means they understand what is right for our brand, customers and Partners, which is key to success for us.

Ross Avery, Director of Strategy at John Lewis Partnership

Our partner offering

We work closely with our partner brands to find growth opportunities across their businesses. We innovate for real, tangible benefits to the bottom line — and to the consumer.

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Shaping the future

  • Strategic advice to help your business innovate.
  • A unique market perspective.
  • Expert consumer and technological insights.
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Unlocking the possibilities of new technology

  • Innovative partnerships.
  • Best-in-class technology.
  • Equipping businesses to shape the future.
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Creating innovation in products, services and ventures

  • Innovation strategy.
  • Venture building.
  • New product development.
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Investing in the future

  • Bespoke fund.
  • Corporate venture capital.
  • Investment advice.

Insight Reports

Supply Chain Automation

Customer Data, Loyalty & Retention

True Insight Reports are the culmination of 12-week research sprints into topics of core interest to our brands across portfolio and Partners. True’s unique position in the markets gives us unprecedented insight into technology markets across the capitalisation spectrum so that we can understand developments at the edge of innovation and their relative maturity. By adopting a holistic view of an entire vertical, we help our brands build their knowledge and shine a spotlight on technology companies & teams that are excelling.

Our technology partners

We bring market-leading tech companies to our Live Network through strategic partnership that create value for all parties, as well as materially-accelerated growth:

  • Supporting geographical expansion
  • Introductions to major corporates
  • Introductions to portfolio businesses
  • Supporting customer retention and new product upsell
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Innovation Challenges

Our brands share a hunger to innovate; to anticipate and shape the future of their industries. To keep them equipped for tomorrow, we run Innovation Challenges across our Network, inspiring creativity and competition in pursuit of the next great leap.

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innovation stories


Investing in the power of sleep

As part of our Future of Health and Wellbeing pillar at True, we have been keeping a close eye on all things sleep. It’s time to wake up to sleep tech - read more on what we've dreamed up based on the latest products and services developed to help us fall asleep, stay asleep, or improve the quality of our sleep.

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The Retail Climate Challenge - The role of innovation and technology

Technology can be a powerful force in solving the many climate challenges we face, and the climate startup ecosystem is large and complex, covering a vast range of themes. Always on the hunt for the best tech out there, our Innovation team have taken a dive into some of the most notable and interesting, so read on to find out more.

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