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We're focused on helping retailers and brands understand, get access to and adopt the best innovation and tech out there.

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We are outcome-focused

We can support end-to-end from your first steps in innovation through to finding the right solutions and helping you execute.

How we help

Technology Scouting

Finding the right emerging tech for your business based on your needs.

  • True Database Scans
  • Deep Dives
  • Immersive Demos
  • Ongoing Horizon Scanning

How we help

Strategy & Execution

Helping understand, test and scale emerging tech and innovation strategies.

  • Ongoing Bespoke Opportunity Analysis
  • Innovation Programme Design & Execution
  • Portfolio Management

How we help

Executive Support

Maximising the impact of innovation and ensuring senior buy-in.

  • Board Presentations
  • ExCo Participation
  • Investment/M&A support

Insight Reports

True Insight Reports are the culmination of 12-week research sprints into topics of core interest to our brands across portfolio and Partners. True’s unique position in the markets gives us unprecedented insight into technology markets across the capitalisation spectrum so that we can understand developments at the edge of innovation and their relative maturity. By adopting a holistic view of an entire vertical, we help our portfolio build their knowledge and shine a spotlight on technology companies & teams that are excelling.

Technology Partnerships

We connect leading technology solutions to our global network of retail and consumer executives. We help our technology partners materially accelerate growth by:

  • Making warm introductions to major corporates
  • Supporting geographical expansion
  • Enabling better retention, cross- and up-sell
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Innovation Challenges

Our brands share a hunger to innovate; to anticipate and shape the future of their industries. To keep them equipped for tomorrow, we run Innovation Challenges across our Network, inspiring creativity and competition in pursuit of the next great leap.

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innovation stories


The AI Revolution in Customer Contact

The customer contact landscape has undergone a substantial transformation. The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly in natural language processing (NLP) and generative AI, has reshaped the customer contact landscape in ways that seemed futuristic just one year ago. This prompted us to revisit and update our research, resulting in our new Customer Contact 3.0 report. 

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Unlocking the Future of Retail: Top Innovations and Insights from Retail Jam 2024

We’ve distilled the key takeaways from the Retail Jam 2024 into four main themes: Ethical Sourcing & Sustainability, AI & Digital Transformation, Omnichannel Strategies, and Customer Insights & Engagement. To put each point into context with what we’re seeing on the Innovation Advisory side of True, Danielle Le Toullec (Head of Marketing at True) interviews Gursh Mendhir (Innovation Principal).

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