Haeckels is an independent company based out of Margate, UK bringing the benefits of coastal living to daily skincare. 


brand facts

  • Haeckels was founded in 2012 by Dom Bridges, who wanted to reconnect with fragrance and the natural world that surrounded him in Margate, Kent, England.
  • The philosophy of Haeckels is to create natural, beautiful products and make use of some of the 6-7000 tonnes of seaweed that is washed up on Thanet shores.
  • Haeckels is driven by trying to solve the waste problem – be that through the use of waste natural resources in their products, or presenting packaging solutions to their community that are fully recyclable or compostable.
  • The brand opened its first store in 2013 in Margate followed by immersive spa spaces in Margate (2019) and London (2020).

Brand categories

  • pre-seed
  • health-fitness-beauty
  • UK
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Our journey with Haeckels

We invested in the sustainable D2C skincare and fragrance business which puts the environment at the heart of its products in early 2022. , We invested as part of a fundraise, in which Estee Lauder Companies also participated.

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brand updates


Estée Lauder invests in British beauty brand Haeckels

The Estée Lauder Companies has invested in Margate-based beauty brand Haeckels

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Haeckels Expands Horizons With Indian Ocean Collection

Margate-based skincare and fragrance label Haeckels has unveiled its new Indian Ocean collection, originally developed exclusively for Maldives resort Patina.

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