LoveCrafts is an online crafting community – the perfect brand for a world increasingly turning to the consolations of creativity. It's the parent company of online marketplaces LoveKnitting and LoveCrochet, combining ecommerce and social networking platforms for the global craft community.


brand facts

  • LoveCrafts was founded in 2012 by Edward Griffith, Nigel Whiteoak and Cherry Freeman who met at university and worked together at the Boston Consulting Group.
  • Edward Griffith is part of True's most trusted circle and continues to join us on our journey as he sits on True’s advisory board.
  • LoveCrafts ships products to over 140 countries.

Brand categories

  • private equity
  • home & leisure
  • UK
  • exited

Our journey with LoveCrafts

LoveCraft was one of True's first investments. It represented a digital alternative for the crafting community which had traditionally had a following of older hobbyists and was ripe for growth with support from True. In 2017, True exited with a 10x money multiple and a 93% IRR.

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