Soulfresh is a healthy food business intent on bringing more exciting and nutritious food and beverages to grocery shelves. The company is taking a stand against lifeless, unimaginative brands dominating supermarkets, and disrupting the industry with its sustainable and uncompromising stance on food.


brand facts

  • Founder Didi Lo started the business in 2003 with one van in Melbourne, Australia.
  • The business was established to change the way people eat and drink for the better.
  • The business contributes 2% of Pico (Vegan chocolate) sales to charitable causes.
  • Organic Kombucha (one of Soulfresh's key products) contains over 100 million bio cultures in each bottle. These bacteria provide your gut with healthy bacteria which can improve digestion, amongst other things.

Brand categories

  • private equity
  • food & beverage
  • UK & international
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Our journey with Soulfresh

We invested in Soulfresh at the end of 2019. We believe in its mission to disrupt the food and beverage market with healthier and more sustainable alternatives – and think the time is right for a progressive businesses to reimagine this industry.

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brand updates


Soulfresh partners with recycling programme REDcycle

Last year REDcycle diverted 4231 tonnes of soft plastic from landfill. That’s enough soft packaging to circle the world 6.5 times. We're delighted to be part of their programme to help close the loop.

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