Grosvenor Social Shopping Experience Challenge

Grosvenor is seeking to identify solution providers to undertake a paid proof of concept that will be tested in a retail space within the Grosvenor estate, with the potential for full implementation and scalability.

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United Kingdom, Mobile Phone Users, Social Media Users.


Grosvenor is looking for technological innovations or devices to provide social, enjoyable personalised shopping experiences for customers that drives conversion through encouraging dwell and increasing repeat visits.


Grosvenor is aware that in today’s world, getting a second opinion on the clothes that you are wearing is often an important part of the shopping experience. However, finding a companion to accompany you on a shopping trip is not always a realistic option. Mobile phones enable interpersonal connectivity to be just a few clicks away; video chats and picture messaging enable modern shoppers the ability to get views on outfit choices within the retail store changing room, but this is as far as the experience can go. Grosvenor is looking for solutions that can drive this social aspect of the physical retail experience of tomorrow, making the overall shopping experience more enjoyable.

The Opportunity

Grosvenor is looking to provide modern shoppers with a new level of socially enhanced shopping through an interactive solution. The purpose will be to create an environment in which solo-shopping trips can become social, personal experiences, whilst offering unique features that aid shoppers in the endeavour to look the best version of themselves, for all intended purposes.

The Ask?

Submit a proposal deck in response to the below brief using the application portal at the bottom of this page.

The solution’s core purpose is to provide customers with the ability to connect with peers and family, providing a shared experience whilst shopping. The social shopping experience solution should provide customers with an experience that is:

  • Personalised: The intended purpose of the solution should be to cater for each user’s individual experience.

  • Interactive: The solution shouldn’t be a static experience, rather elevating shopping through interactive mechanisms that can engage the customer at new levels.

  • Convenient: The solution must be easy to connect to so that use of it appears less effort than sending an image via WhatsApp, for example.

  • Enjoyable: Through creating a shared, personalised, interactive and convenient experience, the solution should enhance the enjoyability of shopping in-store.

  • Secure: As the experience is highly personal, it is critical that the solution does not infringe any consumer privacies and is compliant with regulations.

  • Transactional: A critical part of elevating the in-store experience is providing transactional features for customers that cater to a personalised and convenient experience, such as adding items to baskets and checking availability of items.

The customer journey we are looking for - diagram.

Whilst these features aim to make customers gravitate towards trying out the social shopping solution, an equally important aspect is ensuring that the experience is beneficial enough to return to for repeated use.

An example of how this solution could manifest itself is via a connected mirror & associated camera which allows customers to try on different outfits, receive smart recommendations, post to socials, and video call friends to receive live feedback. This would ensure that every shopping journey is a shared, personalised experience and customers feel happy with every purchase.

The solution’s features should include:

  • The ability to operate across the UK.

  • Mobile software agnostic.

  • Quick & simple connectivity to mobile phones.

  • GDPR compliance.

  • Interactive, personalised capabilities with the user.

  • Have design at heart: well built, sleek looking.

  • Fit aesthetically with the Grosvenor estate.

The solutions’ features could include, but are not limited to:

  • The ability to suggest additional clothing pieces that could go with outfits.

  • Connected devices or solutions relating to 'the internet of things'.

  • The ability to choose different backgrounds to help the user visualise the outfit in the intended environment.

  • Transaction features that enable the option to quick buy (add to basked), get the item delivered, and see stock availability across stores.

  • Solutions preferably wouldn’t include the installation of applications, but this isn’t a requirement.

  • Provide a rich stream of compliant data that can be used as a source of insights for Grosvenor. This could even have social sentiment integrated into it.

Key questions to answer as part of your response (where applicable):

  • What would a proof of concept look like? (e.g. duration and cost).

  • Please describe pricing methodology or structure (licence, subscription, resource, etc.) #

  • Do you offer additional components that incur additional cost? Please list all components whether they are relevant to our project or not.

  • Are there maintenance and support fees associated with your tool/solution?

  • Are there any specific tech requirements (hardware or software) either for mobile phone integration or business systems integration (enabling omnichannel capabilities).

  • How will it integrate into inventory management systems? Is there a way in which this solution can act as a portal into working with brands / retailers for Grosvenor?

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