James Jacobs

Associate, Investment

"His experience means JJ is great at tackling problems head-on and he's often my go-to guy for any technical advice... as well as recommendations for 3-hour long podcasts and deep analysis of Chelsea FC's latest managerial change. He is a pub quiz maestro, and knows the answer to many, many questions, both investment-related and otherwise." — Cameron Kanda

James Jacobs


Before joining True in 2022, James worked at Jefferies in the UK Investment Banking team for several years. Originally from London, he has a Master’s in Finance from Imperial and is an avid sports fan.

meet James

Why did you choose True?

True is unique in its approach, differentiated in its focus on the consumer industry and full of ambitious people – the decision was easy.

How would you describe your job to a five-year old?

I look for exciting companies and what makes them great.

What do you love most and least about your job?

The part of my job I love the most is the ability to meet people passionate about the companies they have built and having the chance to help them on their growth journey. The part of my job I dislike is not being able to perfectly predict the future.

Name an idea or company that reimagined a business or industry — one you wish you’d thought of.

SpaceX has reimagined the space industry, helping to bring it into the modern era and has made the childhood fantasy of being an astronaut closer to reality.

Which person or people helped shape and inspire who you are today?

My family have always been a huge part of who I am. My parents, grandparents and siblings have all helped me in different ways throughout my life shaping me to be who I am today.