Zuzanna Pidek

Ops & Team Assistant

Zuza is one of those people who you can go to with any problem or task and you know she will either provide a solution or get it done. There is no worry that it will slip through the cracks. She is proactive, organised and an absolute gem to work with. — Nicole Ehsani

Zuzanna Pidek


Zuzanna grew up in Warsaw where she did a BA in American Studies, learning about the culture, politics, and history of the US. She then went on to do her Master's in Film Studies at the University of Sussex in Brighton. Between 2020 and 2022 she became a full-time traveller and lived as a digital nomad, perfecting her skills as a copywriter. During her travels, she interned at MagicWave Foundation in Bali, Indonesia, where she assisted with the organisation of surfing events. The skills she acquired during this period led her to True, where she secured a position as a PA. She now continues to support events and assists her team with their daily tasks. In her free time, she attends drama school, fuelled by her passion for theatre and film, envisioning a future on stage.

meet Zuzanna

Why did you choose True?

True just clicked for me. I was looking to start a career in the creative industry and would never expect to find so much creativity within the PA role in an investment company. True gives me a lot of freedom and autonomy in my daily tasks which I appreciate a lot. But what's kept me hooked is the awesome vibe here. It's not just a job—it's a crew that's all about supporting each other. I’m lucky to be part of a team that feels more like a bunch of pals pushing each other to level up.

How would you describe your job to a five-year-old?

I'm like a professional helper for my team. I make sure everything is organised so they can do their work. I also take care of the office to make sure it runs smoothly (and that there are enough snacks for everyone who comes to visit!)

What book, article or movie has profoundly impacted your life?

While I can't pinpoint a single movie that profoundly impacted my life, the world of film in general has always been a significant part of my journey. The works of such directors as Pedro Almodóvar, Martin McDonagh, and Yorgos Lanthimos have inspired me to pursue studying Film at the University of Sussex. Getting into the sociological side of cinema opened up a whole new world for me. It not only taught me how to analyse culture, but most of all to think critically and be more socially aware.

If you could reimagine something to make life easier for people, what would it be?

Anything that would make commuting around London easier and faster – I’m waiting for a teleportation device to be invented… no luck so far.

What innovation are you most excited about disrupting the current retail and consumer landscape?

Google Lens - It’s so easy to find that pair of shoes that you’ve been seeing everywhere but weren’t sure what brand they were! It saves so much time searching for the dream item.

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Zuzanna’s expertise at True:

Zuzanna is behind the scenes making sure everything in True House runs smoothly. She also supports with events and meetings, as well as manages True’s VC directors' schedules.