ARpalus have a mission to change how Retailers and FMCGs collect and analyse in-store data. They are taking that process to a completely new level using cutting-edge technology based on Augmented Reality and Computer Vision.


brand facts

  • ARpalus was founded in 2019 by Rotem Bennet and Ofir Zilberberg in Israel.
  • Ofir has experience of more than five years in the retail industry and specifically of AR products, and is a second-time brand founder.
  • Romet is an AI, AR and computer vision expert and PhD, who spent more than five years at Microsoft labs. He has four patents.

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  • technology
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Our journey with ARPalus

True invested in ARpalus in 2020. We believe its technology can help transform in-store analytics.

brand updates


How ARpalus is Using Computer Vision to Improve Store Efficiency

One of the biggest challenges facing the retail industry lies in the inefficiency of daily store operations. If the right product is not on the shelf or out of stock, a purchase might be missed. ARpalus’s solution, powered by AI, Computer Vision and Augmented Reality, digitizes shelves, allowing CPG manufacturers and retailers to better execute their in-store operations.

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