BrandLab360 are reimagining the shopping experience. The team is leading the field in virtual reality solutions, v-commerce and Metaverse experiences.


brand facts

  • BrandLab360 was founded by Dan O'Connell and Jennifer Drury in 2016 with the goal to create a digital platform that would bring together buyers and brands in the wholesale fashion industry.
  • BrandLab360 saw enquires increase by 2000% during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Our journey with BrandLab360

We invested at the back end of 2021 in a great founding team who are truly reimagining a sector. As with all our investments, we'll add value where we can which is why we hosted a virtual event in 'Truetopia' in December last year, where we invited our Partners to enter a True branded world and learn more about the opportunities available for brands and retailers in the Metaverse.

brand updates


BrandLab360 works with Estee Lauder to launch Maison Too Faced

Maison Too Faced provides shoppers with a first-of-its-kind retail experience consisting of a 360° virtual environment with a fully functioning economy, and the transferability of avatars and digital assets. All events inside the virtual store occur in real time and are fully accessible via a link with no apps or downloads required. Created entirely by BrandLab360, with the latest innovation in CGI, the gamified beauty world is a sight to behold.

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BrandLab360 sets up offices in New York, LA and Paris

Prior to the global pandemic, BrandLab360 was already seeing success with the development of digital showrooms from over 200 labels around the world including the UK, Italy, South Africa, Dubai and the US but following unprecedented interest following the pandemic, they need offices across the world.

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