City Pantry

City Pantry is a food delivery technology brand for the workplace. It capitalised on the trend towards more social workspaces, and was acquired by Just Eat in 2019.

City Pantry

brand facts

  • City Pantry was founded by Stuart Sunderland in 2013. His goal was to improve the catering options available in London.
  • The company operates around 3,500 emission free deliveries a year. Its customers can use an 'eco-friendly packaging' filter, and 3,000 unwanted meals have been donated and redistributed to the hungry.
  • Before it was acquired by Just Eat, the City Pantry team were serving 600 companies every week in London.

Brand categories

  • venture capital
  • food & beverage
  • UK
  • exited

Our journey with City Pantry

As City Pantry's first institutional investor in 2015, True participated in subsequent funding rounds because we believed in consumer behaviour change around socialising in the workplace and City Pantry were at the centre of that shift. City Pantry was acquired by Just Eat in July 2019.