Hush is a digital-first fashion business, with an emphasis on the kind of laid-back apparel that the whole world has increasingly been reaching for. It's a leader in customer engagement, using its website and catalogues as rich content real-estate – and fostering a committed community of brand-lovers.


brand facts

  • Founded by Mandy Watkins in 2003, who was later joined by her husband, Rupert Youngman.
  • Inspired by their laid-back Aussie roots and the energy of their hometown, London, Hush brings women together who share their love of deliberately dressed-down style.
  • As of 2023, 78% of the materials used in their products are from renewable sources.

Brand categories

  • private equity
  • clothing & apparel
  • UK
  • current

Our journey with Hush

We acquired a majority stake in Hush in March 2020, having gotten to know the company and its founders over several years. Hush is a digital-first business, using its website and catalogues to market its laid-back apparel and foster a committed and passionate community through its rich lifestyle content.