Introducing JENA, the ultimate sidekick for solopreneurs. The AI-powered app that's revolutionising the way solo business owners work. Website? Check. Bookings? Check. Payments? Check. It's like having a tiny but mighty personal assistant in your pocket.


brand facts

  • JENA was founded in 2023 and is a pre-seed, Vertical SaaS, prosumer tech company.
  • JENA is the brainchild of JM Chalayer and Nabil Freeman, serial entrepreneurs on a mission to empower solo business owners everywhere. After seeing the struggles of solopreneurs firsthand at their previous startup LeSalon, they knew there had to be a better way.
  • In just a few short months, JENA has already helped countless solopreneurs take control of their time, their income, and their sanity. From fully booked nail techs to coaches with waitlists for days, JENA is proving that running a successful solo biz doesn't have to be a nightmare.
  • But JENA isn't just an app - it’s a movement. With JENA, solopreneurs are joining a community of solopreneurs ready to build a brighter, more empowered future. And the best part? They're doing it all from the palm of their hand. And we're honoured to be part of their journey.

Brand categories

  • venture capital
  • technology
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Our journey with JENA

We instantly connected with the JENA founders over a shared passion for empowering entrepreneurs. True saw the massive potential in JENA and jumped at the chance to join the solopreneur revolution. Since then, JENA has closed an oversubscribed pre-seed round, released their new app, and onboarded their first paying customers. With True's support, JENA is scaling to new heights and transforming the landscape for solo business owners everywhere.