Milano Vice

Milano Vice are pizza enthusiasts, with years of experience in the food industry. Their goal is to build a new virtual food brand by working with professional kitchens to prepare and deliver delicious pizzas to your home. They focus on partners, products and technologies that will enable them to deliver a great service experience.

Milano Vice

brand facts

  • Founded in 2021, Milano Vice is a German food-consumer startup that has emerged as the leading virtual restaurant brand, boasting a network of over 50 stores.
  • Founded by Rudolf Donauer and Dennis Murselovic, it revolutionised the food delivery industry with a capital-efficient concept, leveraging gastronomes' existing kitchen infrastructure and spare capacity to produce pizzas optimized for delivery.
  • Their technological approach allows for a higher profit margin than regular restaurants, as well as rapid nationwide expansion while ensuring the highest quality at all locations.
  • The leadership team has best-in-class food delivery experience from companies including Delivery Hero, Rocket Internet, Project A, McKinsey, and JOKR.

Brand categories

  • venture capital
  • food & beverage
  • international
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Our journey with Milano Vice

True first invested in Milano Vice in May 2023, tapping into Germany as the 4th largest pizza market globally, with pizza restaurant sales of $4.5bn annually. Milano Vice represents an innovative virtual brand model; It is a Gen Z/Millennial challenger brand delivering high-quality pizza at affordable price point. Ingredients are sourced from Italy and menu development is trend-led to drive relevance and innovation for younger consumers.

brand updates


How, of all things, a pizza delivery service comes to six million dollars

Translated from German: An old business model with a few new ingredients: A Berlin start-up wants to set up a Germany-wide pizza chain without owning its own shops. And suddenly, in the middle of the financing slump, it inspires venture capitalists. Just why? The menu is classic: there are margarita, salami, funghi, Hawaii and a few other traditional recipes. On request, the meal is also available as pinsa, a slightly fluffy dough variant. After ordering online, the pizza is delivered on time, is hot – and tastes good. So far, so normal: Several thousand pizzerias offer their services across Germany , and some chains such as Dominos, L'Osteria or Call-a-Pizza have branches throughout the country. And yet the young delivery service Milano Vice, which describes itself as the first "virtual pizza restaurant chain", claims to have already sold more than 100,000 pizzas in a six-month test phase. And made several donors ravenous: six million dollars provided investors such as Coefficient Capital from the USA, Speedinvest from Vienna or CG Partners from Berlin. Business angels who have made their money with start-ups such as Just Spices or Sennder are also there.

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