NearSt wants to transform the way the world thinks about retail, and get people back into high street shops, and supporting the retailers on their doorstep.


brand facts

  • NearSt was founded by Max Kreijn and Nick Brackenbury in 2015.
  • Max Kreijn was at home when his lightbulb broke, so he googled where to buy a new one and saw ‘no results’. He walked round the neighbourhood for 45 minutes and finally found what he was looking for, 100m from his front door. The lack of connection between shopper and retailer inspired him to create NearSt.
  • During the first year of the Covid pandemic NearSt witnessed a tripling in demand from shoppers seeking out local product availability.

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Our journey with NearSt

True backed NearSt as part of its accelerator programme in 2016. Consumer behaviour has shifted towards supporting local since our original partnership and we have since participated in NearSt's funding round in 2021.

brand updates


Google-backed British retail technology startup raises £2M to drive sales onto the high street

With total funding at £5m, NearSt is poised to help take local shops on the highstreet digital.

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Case study: luxury designer store boosts footfall by showing in-stock products online.

In 2019, tourism brought in over £187.4 million to Selby, with over 2.4 million tourism day trips to the Selby District. Having successfully used Google Shopping Ads, Richard and Sam knew that they still had to find a way to attract the numerous new customers coming into the local area each day to help drive in-store traffic.

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