Ray Studios

A category-defining brand utilising new technologies and a digitally-led experience to reinvents the tattoo-removal procedure.

Ray Studios

brand facts

  • Founder David Rodriguez said he came up with the idea for Ray Studios while looking at the number of tattooed people on the beach in Barcelona, where he was based while setting up another venture Cornerjob.
  • Ray Studios is based out of Paris, launching its first studio in the heart of the city.
  • The proportion of tattooed people has soared by over 150% in the last decade leading to a huge increase in the number of “regretters”: 25% of the Western World's population are tattooed and a quarter of them regret at least one of their tattoos.
  • 'Le Ray Spark' is the name that's been given to the shockwave technology that allows the tattoo removal process to be more efficient and require fewer treatments.

Brand categories

  • venture capital
  • health-fitness-beauty
  • international
  • current

Our journey with Ray Studios

We first met with Ray Studios in 2021 and knew immediately that David and his team were onto something - especially when you take a look at the consumer behaviours driving tattoo application and removals. We've co-invested as part of a £3m pre-seed round and look forward to helping support David and his team.

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