Satis AI has created an artificial intelligence (AI) operational platform for kitchens. Using AI vision software, it offers a suite of solutions that assists kitchen staff in real-time at the most critical pain points in the restaurants: from inventory management to food assembly, to packing and order accuracy.

brand facts

  • The Satis AI tech delivers a 25% higher speed of service, reduces mistakes in order by 40%, reduces the onboarding time by 20% and reduces labour idle time on peak hours by 10%.
  • The tech analyses what is happening in real-time in all critical kitchen areas - cooking stations, orders coming in, customisation requests, order sequencing, assembly steps, orders being packed and order checks for packing accuracy, and its AI capabilities have been called "military grade" by Nvidia.
  • Sati AI was founded by Mo Khodadadi, winner of the Sirius Programme, a UK Trade and Investment scheme for graduate entrepreneurs from around the world looking to start their venture in the UK. The team consists of 6 PHDs as well as restaurant owners and former operators.

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Our journey with

We invested in Satis AI in November 2020 after witnessing its cutting-edge technology and its ability to improve order accuracy and reduce food waste.