Shellworks is on a mission to make plastic waste a thing of the past. Our first product is Vivomer, which is a completely vegan and compostable material, made with a little help from friendly microbes. We’re excited to introduce the future of packaging for a post-plastic world.


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  • Shellworks creates alternatives to plastics, that can degrade in any natural environment. Their products are circular, so is made from waste that would ultimately go to landfill or be burned.
  • Ed Jones, Insiya Jafferjee and Amir Afshar are the co-founders behind this company - they met through a joint Master’s Degree in Innovation Design Engineering, at The Royal College of Art and Imperial College.
  • The concept came from the big problem of ocean plastics. As the team’s strengths were materials and manufacturing, they began to look for different material solutions and found Chitosan, that comes from shellfish waste and can be used to make a replacement for plastics.

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Our journey with Shellworks

True invested in early 2021 and has introduced Shellworks to a number of brands and businesses in the network to help ensure everyone can play a role in trying to reduce their reliance on plastic.

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‘It comes from bacteria, and goes back to bacteria’: the future of plastic alternatives

Making a biodegradable material strong enough to replace plastic is a tough task but Shellworks have a solution. Read on to find out what the team told the Guardian about their solution.

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