True at Smart Retail Tech Expo - Four Tech Company Callouts

Our innovation analysts share their selection of the top tech startups that exhibited at Smart Retail Tech Expo and why they stood out.

True at Smart Retail Tech Expo - Four Interesting Tech Startups to Watch

Events / 12 Mar 2024

Our innovation analysts were on the ground at the recent Smart Retail Tech Expo to discover new industry innovations spanning customer experience, supply chain automation and sustainable tech. The Expo was a two-day event focusing on new retail, hosting around 100 seminars from industry-leading speakers and showcasing over 200 leading exhibitors. Here are their key company callouts from the expo and why they stood out.


An AI-powered platform that optimizes images and videos for online brands. Using a neuro-visual process developed by experts in science, medicine, and IT. SpeedSize ensures unrivalled visual quality while reducing file sizes by up to 90%. SpeedSize tackles the challenge of using traditional compressing methods that compromise sharp visual quality for load time online. SpeedSize is differentiated by its no-code technology and AI audit tool that easily integrates into commerce platforms to deliver the fastest, high-quality visual experience.


The world’s first fully automated AI-powered qualitative research tool offering unique, bespoke consumer targeting. Bolt automatically identifies consumers, conducts 30-minute incentive-driven interviews and provides an AI-generated report within 24 hours, dramatically speeding up marketing and research processes and allowing enterprises to leverage consumer data and insights to drive performance improvements. BoltChatAI stands out for its innovative use of AI to automate the entire qualitative research process, from consumer targeting and interviewing to report generation. This efficiency enables companies to quickly access and act on deep consumer insights, which can significantly speed up research timelines and enhance data-driven decision-making,

Consumer Insights Lab

Providing companies with holistic and in-depth insights into their customers' perceptions and decision-making process. With a new, science-backed take on technology, Consumer Insights Lab creates an immersive testing simulation lab to virtually recreate any physical environment and deliver true-to-life insights on products and shopping behaviour. By efficiently collecting a diverse range of real-time data, they can help companies understand consumer purchasing habits and inform future business and strategic decisions. They stand out due to their state-of-the-art immersive experience to drive true-to-life insights from true-to-life consumer behaviour.


Track and trace software experts specialising in scalable solutions for storing, processing and analysing supply chain data. With regulations ramping up regarding product traceability, PSQR offers a ready-made solution for digital product passports and helps companies create more sustainable and circular supply chain decisions. Their expertise in meeting stringent regulatory requirements for product traceability, such as TPD compliance, positions them as a key player for businesses needing to navigate these challenges. Additionally, their emphasis on sustainability and facilitating circular supply chain decisions demonstrates a forward-thinking approach that resonates with current global trends towards environmental responsibility.

We also caught up with Amanda Uduku, Merchant Growth Strategy Manager of TikTok to discuss how to get shoppable content on FYPs on TikTok Shop. Keep an eye out for our next deep dive on this topic, including exclusive insights from Amanda herself. We will explore the origination of TikTok Shop, top tips to fully leveraging TikTok Shop’s potential for retailers, and discuss the shifting mindset turning digital commerce into an experience of entertainment and discovery.

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