True Leads Consumer & Retail Trade Mission to New York

True co-hosted a consumer and retail trade mission to New York in collaboration with the UK Department for International Trade. Hoxton Analytics, Localistico, Mishipay, Spirable, ADAY, All Shades Covered, Placed and VITL all took part representing the breadth of businesses we invest in.

True Leads Consumer & Retail Trade Mission to New York

News / 12 Dec 2017

True is collaborating with the UK Department for International Trade in a US Trade Mission.

True is hosting ten UK-based startups on a Trade Mission in New York with the UK Department for International Trade. The Trade Mission will showcase the latest technologies coming out of the UK to 13 of the US’ biggest retail and consumer goods groups, which collectively posted over $100bn in revenue last year. The enterprise-ready startups will meet with these large-scale corporates to discuss ways in which they can support in areas such as personalisation, digital marketing, in-store experience, product discovery, point of sale and payments, geo-searching, customer feedback and consumer analytics.

The Trade Mission comes at a time when eight of True’s startup innovators have undergone fresh rounds of funding, cumulatively raising in excess of £6.5 million in funding rounds over the past few months. Hoxton Analytics, Localistico, Mishipay, and Photospire – which are all participating in the trade mission – together with  ADAY, All Shades Covered, Placed and VITL will use the funds to invest in a variety of activities including product development, range expansion, scaling of teams and the improvement of operations.

Mike Tattersall, Chief Commercial Officer at True, says: “UK technology is at the forefront of a rapidly changing business environment. As with the UK, the US retail and consumer industries are being disrupted by constantly evolving consumer behaviour. All consumer-facing businesses must adopt and embed new technologies into core sales strategies and operational practices, in order to combat the escalating challenges.  The Trade Mission will result in over 70 targeted and purposeful introductions throughout the three days and showcase some of the very best technologies coming out of Britain. With our startups continuing to secure confidence and funding from the market, it’s a perfect time to demonstrate the depth of innovation in the UK startup community.”