Venture Capital Initial Investments up to £2m

What we're looking for: Our Venture Capital Investment Thesis

We back mission-driven entrepreneurs building a better and more sustainable future at the forefront of consumer behavioural and technological change.

Built on the strength of True's network and expertise, our focus includes B2C and B2B business models, across Consumer (Tech & Products), Retail Tech and Sustainability Tech.

Our early-stage VC fund focuses on Pre-Seed to Series A, investing up to £2m initially and reserving capital to re-invest in the most promising companies.

Our relationship with True has been invaluable, in many ways. Significantly, it was through talks with True’s corporate partner John Lewis & Partners that led us to signing our first enterprise account, and more have followed since. The team are always on hand to help, whether that’s through sharing insight on market trends and the retail and consumer industry landscape or supporting our fundraising efforts. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the True team and enjoy working with them so I’m delighted they remain stakeholders and genuine advocates of Unmind.

Dr Nick Taylor, CEO & Co-founder of Unmind

We love being part of the True family, where all brands are consumer-first and planet-centric. True are supportive of our mission and support us as co-founders to grow, within a community of founders working hard to do good.

Dr Olivia Ahn, Co-Founder of Planera

True has really aligned with our vision of materializing the future. As an early stage tech-bio materials startup, True has balanced both our technology milestones with our go-to-market strategy. They have helped with introductions to innovative brands and speaking opportunities, which have broadened our exposure to a wider audience. With their support, we've been able to push boundaries and create a positive impact in the beauty and personal care industry.

Insiya Jafferjee, Co-founder of Shellworks

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Office Hours

We are passionate about increasing access for underrepresented founders. Our Office Hours program provides an opportunity for you to explore whether venture funding is right for your business - get transparent feedback on your pitch deck, business model, and funding readiness from our venture capital team.

If you feel you lack the connections and context needed to secure VC funding, our team is keen to lend their experience in the industry and hear your story. If you’re a founder from an underrepresented background who lacks existing connections, we want to help open that door.

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