Cameron Kanda

Analyst, Investment

“Cam is a great character to have around — confident, humble, funny, and always eager to learn.” — Rich Brick

Cameron Kanda


Cameron was born and raised in Coventry, and studied Economics and Management at Oxford University. He worked in corporate finance and created an online content channel (alongside running a football club) before joining True in 2021.

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Why did you choose True?

A variety of reasons, but the main one was being blown away by the culture and how down-to-earth senior members of the team were. It’s a different way of approaching the industry we’re in, and this — coupled with the retail and consumer specialism — gave me real reason to be excited.

How would you describe your job to a five-year-old?

We help people sell things, and then we sell *them*.

What do you love most — and least — about your job?

I love the variety of finding and originating new and innovative businesses for us to help, as well as digging deeper into their problems and any risks they need to address. I don’t like being left unread by companies I reach out to.

Name an idea or company that reimagined a business or industry — one you wish you’d thought of.

Goal-line technology.

Which person or people helped shape and inspire who you are today?

The main people who shaped and inspired me are my parents and grandparents as they always strived to give us opportunities, despite any challenges and hardships they faced.

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Cameron’s expertise at True:

Cameron started at True in 2021 and in his time worked across a number of projects across our portfolio brands, as well as working across our ESG workstreams. He also played a pivotal role in setting up the team’s Euro 2020 sweepstake.

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