Events, Reimagined

This October, our team was finally able to meet in person for a few fun-filled days of getting to know each other — and our new brand — a little better.

Events, Reimagined

Events / 29 Nov 2021

Events, Reimagined.

Being kind and giving back to employees has always been incredibly important to Matt and Paul. That’s why every year, (with the exception of 2020) they take the team away to somewhere beautiful to help enjoy some downtime but also to achieve some really important work. With the country slowly makings its way out of Covid-restrictions the annual True Team event was able to take place – this year in the beautiful rural setting of Suffolk.

Promoting a sense of calm and getting back to nature, The Wilderness Reserve, was an apt place to be able to share True’s rebranding project with some of the team for the first time. While the rebrand has involved people from across the True team, and wider network along the way, it’s always nice to get live feedback during a project from those that haven’t been close to the work, as well as new joiners – who could give honest and fresh perspective on whether the new brand matches with the business they’ve recently got to know.

Eva, like a few of the team had only had a few weeks or less to get to grips with the job before being thrown in at the deep-end and heading off for two nights with the whole of the True team.

“Attending the True Gathering the second week on the job was an information overload, but I can’t imagine a better way to start! To be able to build close bonds with my new colleagues so early on and in such a beautiful setting was truly unforgettable. Having just graduated, I found it really inspiring to hear from the senior people about their unique life journeys and the obstacles they’ve overcome along the way. The new brand reveal made me feel really grateful to be beginning my career at such a progressive and forward-thinking firm. I couldn’t have joined at a more exciting time.”

One of the oldest serving members of the Investment team, Oscar has been to a number of True events: networking evenings, charity cycling events and other team away days in his four years of service. He shares his views on why he thinks these events are valuable for everyone across the team, whether a fresh from university or well-engrained in the True machine!

“These gatherings have become a clear part of our culture with each one feeling a little different. The nature of the gatherings has evolved as the company grows, and our vision and culture advances. What hasn’t changed is that True Gatherings are always a highlight of the year, and I think this boils down to the genuine nature of people at True, who put so much care and thought into these events. As the team has grown, it feels like these gatherings serve less of a purpose of immediate output and are more geared towards long-term productivity and building meaningful bonds within the team. The chance to unwind while staying connected to our core values has fostered a unique culture where people feel comfortable to get involved from day one. With our business model thriving from expanding our networks and connecting once isolated pockets of knowledge, I truly believe that without these face-to-face gathering, we would be less effective as a business.”

For the last two years True has experienced phenomenal growth. This has been supported by the many new joiners (21 to date), and the Innovation team in particular has grown three-fold. Archie, a leader from the Innovation team, shares his perspective on why its been particularly important for such a newly expanded team.

“One of the two primary objectives of the get together – getting to know each other better – couldn’t have been more relevant for the Innovation Team given the sheer number of new faces that have joined in the last 18 months. Of the 11 wonderful individuals that form our group today, only three were with us at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic! Finally having the opportunity to all spend some time together, through both formal sessions and informally – and of course in the incredible setting of the Wilderness Reserve – has had already a very positive and visible impact on the team dynamic. As ever with a True event, the thought and detail that had gone into the planning of the two days was impeccable – the only challenge now will be building on this for next year! Ideas welcome…”

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