Hoxton Ai

Hoxton AI wants to revolutionise the way human beings use space. It uses AI to measure footfall and demographic tracking, and offers a source of insightful data that avoids disrupting or distracting customers.


brand facts

  • Owen McCorkmack founded the company in 2014 with co-founder William Thomas.
  • The company believes that if they can understand how people use space, it will improve productivity in process management, planning, staffing, operations, advertising and more.
  • Their three principles are: easy to understand, easy to setup and totally anonymous.

Brand categories

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  • technology
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Our journey with Hoxton

True invested in Hoxton in 2015 as part of True's accelerator programme. True was attracted to Hoxton's non-invasive approach to retail analytics. We've introduced Hoxton to many Retailers within the network.

brand updates


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