Jitty are here to disrupt the UK property market. Using AI large language models, Jitty can automatically extract information from estate agents’ websites and create summarised real estate listings on its platform. This means 100% coverage of supply and an exciting focus on demand-side product/user experience innovation.


brand facts

  • Founded in 2023, Jitty is a Pre-Seed, Pre-Launch consumer tech company.
  • Founded by ex-Deliveroo team made up of Graham Paterson (Co-founder and CEO), Daniel Cooper (Co-founder and CTO) and James Storer (Co-founder and Head of Design), it aims to revolutionise the UK property market.
  • Its technological approach allows for a richer set of features/data fields to be accumulated for each property (e.g. nearby points of interest, quality of schools, etc.) as well as a faster velocity of product development given disruptor/challenger incentives.

Brand categories

  • venture capital
  • technology
  • UK
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Our journey with Jitty

True first invested in Jitty in June 2023 – a pre-launch AI-enabled challenger to industry incumbents Rightmove and Zoopla. With c.£6.8-7.5bn annual TAM from UK home movers, this sector is ripe for disruption and we’re excited by the strong technological/product leadership team as well as the alternative business model and faster velocity of product development. The round was led by Gradient (Google’s AI-focused fund).