War Paint

Warpaint is a pioneering make-up brand for men. It was founded by Danny Gray in 2018 and born out of his own experience of being bullied for his acne as a teenager – which led him to start using his sister’s concealer and foundation to give himself confidence. He's now supplying make-up to a growing audience seeking a similar lift.


brand facts

  • Founder Danny Gray took his product onto Dragon’s Den back in 2019.
  • Danny's aim is to break the stigma around men using and wearing makeup.
  • Danny also set up non-profit JAAQ in 2021, to help those suffering with mental health, as he suffers with a form of body dysmorphia and mental health issues himself.
  • War Paint opened their first store on Carnaby Street in 2021.
  • War Paint is now sold into more than 80 countries.

Brand categories

  • venture capital
  • health-fitness-beauty
  • UK & international
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Our journey with Warpaint

True invested in WarPaint in 2020. Its mission to eliminate the stigma around mens' makeup aligns with True's focus on changing consumer behaviour. Its D2C foundations and strong purpose-led buisness mission aligns with everything True believes in.

brand updates


Warpaint partners with Wigan Warriors Rugby League Club for 2021 Season

The new partnership aims to put the spotlight on men’s mental health, and start important conversations in the Rugby League.

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Warpaint opens world's first makeup store for men

The 499-square-foot store located next to Liberty on central London's Carnaby Street embodies War Paint's founding principle to offer men more personal care choices, to help them look and feel better and improve their confidence.

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