Reimagining our brand

At True, we believe that business can always be better. It’s why we help people and companies reach for more meaningful relationships, why we break down the barriers to better business in industries, and why we help companies transform how they work and what they do. We’re changing what good business looks like — reshaping it as a force for positive change by showing the world a better way to succeed. True. Business, Reimagined.

Reimagining our brand

News / 8 Dec 2021

Showing our True colours

All these behaviours have been true of True from the beginning. In the last eight years, we’ve shown that our unconventional approach to investment works. We know that we make bold and super effective decisions, that our approach makes us more human — and that our kind of change is good. But today, after eight years, we are properly articulating it for the first time.

The feedback we’ve had from the True community says we’re not like other investment and innovation firms. Our partners have talked about our culture and personality, and they openly challenged us to show more of that to the world — to proudly be ourselves.

So, this is what we’re doing. Today, the True brand genuinely reflects our belief system and unique approach. On our relaunched website you’ll see that our colour scheme is lighter, warmer and more welcoming. Instead of our old corporate ‘blue steel’ profile pics, we’re showing you the real side of everyone who works with us — to better reflect the overwhelming warmth people tell us they feel when they meet them.

We now have an Innovation Team (the artists formerly known as ‘Commercial’). This is an important evolution, as innovation has always underpinned our work. This team of talented people works as closely with our founders as it does our consumer and retail partners, so we gave it a name more reflective of its role and mission.

Finally, we wanted to say ‘thank you’ to you all — the True community. Either directly or indirectly, you’ve all been involved in the journey we’re on. It wasn’t always easy, but sometimes the hardest person to be is your true self. You inspired us to get to where we are today — and as you’ll see on our site, who we are is intrinsically linked to you. As you explore the site, don’t be surprised to see quotes and interviews from some of our incredible friends, portfolio and partners.

We hope you love what we’ve done as much as we do. And we’d really love to hear your feedback.

As ever, thank you for being on this exciting journey with us.

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