Liam Buswell

Director, Innovation

“Liam is incredibly smart, cool and collected. He’s very good at articulating difficult concepts, which is very helpful when discussing horizon technologies and is always happy to go above and beyond to help everyone across the team.” — Natasha Asher-Relf

Liam Buswell


Liam was born in Texas and raised in Paris. Before joining True, he helped run a global innovation and strategy consulting firm that helped big corporates and investment firms grow by inventing new products, services and businesses. He started his career in investment banking before becoming an innovation and design convert at Central Saint Martins.

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Why did you choose True?

I was drawn back (long story!) by the people, the unique model and the ambitious vision we’ve set for ourselves and the industry.

How would you describe your job to a five-year-old?

Helping companies become better by doing new things or doing things differently.

What do you love most — and least — about your job?

I love the infectious passion of innovators and entrepreneurs, but I dislike some of the BS/jargon that comes with the territory.

Name an idea or company that reimagined a business or industry — one you wish you’d thought of.

Blockchain and crypto.

Which person or people helped shape and inspire who you are today?

My lovely and loving wife, Tibet.

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Liam’s expertise at True:

Liam has recently rejoined True after a few years away. In the short time he’s been back, he’s led initiatives with M&S, Warner Bros, Direct Wines and Kantar.

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